At NED Solutions we work as part of your regular team, liaising closely with your existing professional advisors.


At our initial meeting we endeavour to learn as much as possible about you and your particular business needs so that we can tailor our service to suit your individual requirements.


Our involvement can range from one meeting per month to full time. You pay only for what you need and we draw from our extensive panel of expert consultants to provide the best person
for you.


Meeting regularly with you and your team enables us to learn as much as possible about you and your individual business needs; by understanding the stage of development your business has reached and by identifying its full potential we are able to provide you with the skills you need, when you need them – these may be different every month!


The top 5 reasons for bringing in a non-executive director are:-

  • Commercial experience and knowledge;
  • Strategic vision or challenging the current strategy to ensure it is right for your business;
  • Unique perspective and taking an objective view of the business;
  • Setting and monitoring key performance indicators, and
  • Oversight of the executive board and holding them accountable

Through regular, scheduled and advisory board meetings we help you and your key management staff to gain an understanding of larger company disciplines and how to implement them in your growing company.


Our relationship with you means we can combine our vast business experience with an intimate knowledge of your specific business situation, and NED is always just a phone call away, ready to provide advice on all aspects of business life.

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